The Solution

We can heal the hurt of the housing crisis and of climate change for thousands of Michiganders. Our proposal will make buying, renting and living in healthy, comfortable homes fit the budgets of Michiganders while improving our communities and environment. This aligns right with the first-ever Statewide Housing Plan put forth by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority in spring 2022.

State Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) and State Rep. Bill Sowerby (D-Clinton Township) have put our MI Affordable, Healthy Homes Plan into action. They introduced legislation in 2022 that would direct $1.65 billion of must-spend state and federal funds into the construction and renovation of affordable, healthy homes. If made law, this would be the largest one-time housing investment in Michigan’s history.

Here is some of what our plan calls for. (You can read the full proposal, including costs, here.)


We must create a whole home retrofit program that will make existing low-income homes safer, more comfortable and more affordable. We will do this by repairing the roofs and plumbing and removing toxins like lead and asbestos from 20,000 Michigan homes. We will fix drafty windows, remove missing insulation and electrify 24,000 Michigan homes. And we will enable 5,000 Michiganders to purchase solar on their property.


We must build healthy, affordable homes for low-income residents. We can build 11,000 to 15,0000 single-family and multifamily homes. Then, through tax adjustments, we can keep 1,000 homes at affordable prices for another 10 years.


We must build homes that the middle class can afford. Small homes, duplexes, rowhomes are crucial for first-time homebuyers and the middle class, but they are hard to find. We want to invest millions of dollars into these “missing middle” homes.


We must provide 8,000 workers paid, on-the-job training to properly build and retrofit homes to be healthy and affordable. Then we want to provide retention bonuses to 1,000 more to stay or come to these jobs. A new training program will help contractors keep on the cutting edge of heating and cooling technology.  

This investment can come at no better time. Housing costs are high. Billions of dollars must be spent by the state. And the Michigan State Housing Development Authority has put forth its own housing plan that parallels our own.

You can help turn this proposal into law:

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