The need is everywhere

Together, we can create homes that fit everyone's price range, from that initial deposit to those monthly bills to surprise expenses. We can create homes that are free of dangerous pollutants. We can create housing that not only keeps us safe from climate change, but fights against it. And we can build up the workforce to help do it all.

How? Through the Affordable, Healthy Homes proposal.

Our coalition, Resilient Homes Michigan, calls the State of Michigan to invest $1.65 billion in must-spend, surplus federal dollars to make this all happen. State senators introduced legislation last year to invest this money, and the state's own housing and climate plans align right with our efforts. 

Its methods are simple: build, retrofit, equip. Here is some of what our plan calls for.


We will build up to 15,000 homes that fit the price range of working- and middle-class residents. Then, through tax adjustments, we will 1,000 homes from rising to unaffordable prices for another 10 years.

We must also must “missing middle” homes for young families, workers, and retirees. These can be small houses, duplexes, rowhomes, and other buildings often forgotten by developers.

Each home built will be created sustainably, so energy usage remains clean and low, and so energy bills remain low for occupants. 


We will create a whole home retrofit program that will make existing working- and middle-class homes safer, more comfortable, and more affordable. We will do this by repairing the roofs and plumbing and removing toxins like lead and asbestos from 20,000 Michigan homes. We will fix drafty windows, remove missing insulation and electrify 24,000 Michigan homes. We will enable 5,000 Michiganders to purchase solar on their property. And we will make the process of residents applying for this work through the state much simpler.


We will provide 8,000 workers paid, on-the-job training to properly build and retrofit homes like those above. Then we want to provide retention bonuses to 1,000 more to stay or come to these jobs. A new training program will help contractors keep on the cutting edge of heating, cooling, and pollution prevention technology.  

This is the moment to act

Billions of dollars must be spent by the state. Control of the Michigan Legislature has flipped for the first time in 40 years. Our proposal could help meet Michigan's housing and climate goals. There is real energy in making lasting changes felt by Michiganders across the state.

You can help turn our proposal into law:

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